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2013年11月 8日 (金)

A country road

A path, no road flat and broad, no bumpy and winding mountain road. It is just an ordinary country road. But, because of the primary school, I often contact with it, imperceptibly creates intimacy. Now, I still remember it plain appearance, pale clothes. On the road, I walked out of the childhood persevere, out of the students hurried and patience. Thus, the brain. It is deep shallow memorymodular cubes store.

Starting from the home, after a short period of durable stone road, along several mud step down, the path from the field through. The road straight, soft, with the smell of fresh soil. There are some very small wayside grass, leaves on the cover on the ground, laying on the side of the road. The path is so full of lifecovers for samsung galaxy, full of fun.

By the side of the road, not far away, a beautiful loquat tree, the birds chirp in the branches, often jump. The fresh morning, they show off mildly crisp voice, singing over and over again, country music, provoked me from time to time have a look they. I yearn for the birds to take one's ease of manner, as cheerful as a lark. Here, the beautiful countryside resulting, simplicity and quiet. Calm, leisurely mood, the heart overflowTranslate English to Chinese.

A turn, people must go through a red dirt road. I like red, have a kind of different feelings to the red. The side of the road, the villagers had dug clay, leaving a small cave. The red shows different value. It with sand and lime mortar, stir together, became "concrete". It can bricklaying, plastering. For this purpose, let me have the respect of laterite.

The path on the right side of the Highlands, often covered with a sweet potato leaves, Mimizaza over here there. Ridge and ditch has the green light. Want to often in the pot. Stay with sweet potato, I appreciate the land gift, love this piece of hot place, also fell in love with the hardworking folks.

Some cucumber vines stretch very long, very long. Their hands and feet, a line wire wound with objects, attached here there. Large leaves in the breeze, like reading a poem in look pleased with oneself. Covered with cucumber adorns meantime, hanging in the air. A cucumber is the nature of a gift, then fill the era of material scarcity. Selfless village, "one side of the water", highlights the magical color.

The innocent eyes, looked at a month full of cucumber, sometimes hate not pick a, secretly took a, slashing the skin, empty seeds, cut into thin sheet, and sugar together, use chopsticks mixing, became my favorite food. Cool, reduce pathogenic fire and clearing stomach, sweet taste rich taste of the tongue.

A little further, there is a lively house. It raises a pig, sometimes two, that is my property. I stood on the country roads, see it, as to see be courteous and accessible. A comfort with heart. The not far from the road, I can sometimes hear the pig in the "hum......" Called the voice.

A fecal water house, dug a hole in the ground, plastered with cement, into the feces, roofed with tiles. Fecal water usually has a layer of manure, black appearance, is a kind of farm manure. Sloping roof, black tiles, tiles on the pressure of the irregular stones, as if it is on the days of hard, the vicissitudes of the years.

I am young, for their existence, also feel the importance of. Parents again to pigs, please butcher slaughtered meat, not only money, but also taste delicious pork thick soup, make me excited. Just, cleaning the room, the smell of cupola, the dirty water to fecal puddles, feel some nausea. Dear parents a bear another bear the dung water out into the fields and mountain ridge garden watering vegetables, fruits, and some other crops, supply three meals a day dishes. At this point, I don't hate it, but there is a sense of intimacy.

Going forward, the roadside small hillside, camphor tree leaves the house after, valiantly dash to standing, looking like a giant, spreading his stout limbs. Rough skin lotion, more strength and camphor. Next to the bamboo slender, light shining leaves, waving in the air. In the lane, bamboo shoots as straight on the clouds, I had to look up and watch. But, compared with the old camphor tree, bamboo's height is "pale into insignificance by comparison", be inferior by comparison.

Bamboo, the bamboo root extending everywhere, some fields of farming, harvesting is not good, in ruins. At that time, I often digging earthworm with sister, a crawling insect let us excited. We with great care to clip into the bucket inside, back home, put earthworms are placed in ducks. Ducks, greedy madness, you rob me, fall over each other to get to eat the. We saw this scene, a feeling of satisfaction arise spontaneously, rushed to the mind. The mother's smile, timely praise, let us cheerful, full of pride.

Continue to move forward, the path is turned. Side and is below the paddy field. At that time, the visible green heart appreciate some rice in the eyes. It is a kind of color do? The distant hills, green seedlings; nearby is green. These green, let me into the green world, a large number of land, in the heart of cleaning, impact.

The paddy fields, there is a ditch. The water clear bottom. Many times I took a small soil particles, into the ditch. Water

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