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2013年11月18日 (月)

My beautiful laundrette.

Early in the morning, when the dew has not wake up, some people are already busy day living, we are busy studying, homework. Suddenly one day Lanjue, watching the pointer bedside alarm clock stopped moving, lazy pull the corners of the mouth, laughing, sleepblack bedroom furniture.

Riding a bike through a crooked lane, people familiar with those already said hello. To push the bicycle bell twist piercing sound, only after her downstairs, accustomed to her no Nai and curses. If one dayiPad cover, the open windows do not have that familiar voice, the original good mood will fall into the bottom, unable to rise.

The same teachers, the same class, the same, the same seat, the same time, the same course, the same problem, the same answer, the same head, the same helpless sigh, the samewomen clothing hk, the same taste, the same same......

Finally, on a sunny morning, the students are in the bow endorsed, in the open window where, after a clear sky as blue as the figure, look right and left, slowly leaned out, new white shoes firmly ground, turned, double arm stretched firmly hold followed the white figure behind, had long hair, like jumping in summer in black elves, rise and dance in a happy mood.

Then, through the fence of the void, disappeared in the startled eyes.

With joy, joy, like escape from a cage birds, to express themselves, to the blue sky shouted, holding her hand, in mottled with shade, accompanied.

Look up to the sky, stretched out his hands to cover the sun's eyes, eyes, see the white sun in the fingers become colorful glass.

Sit on the edge of the square on the stone steps, like a fly on the wall, used to be free from things of the world view of the passers-by, see all the living creatures, bittersweet joy, sorrow. Suddenly, as if Lingtai insight like Qingming, but why not grasp, be rather baffling.

The side face of her, she closed her eyes, from time to time, eyelashes fluttered in the wind, her long hair, white beautiful face outline the moving curve in the sun, feeling the heart. Imperceptibly closer to, the scent of her face to upload the faint fragrance, one point one, finally, in her scream, leaves light kiss, on a crimson cheeks. At the moment, the sun was so good-looking, proud smile hanging in the mouth, bad, very happy.

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