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2013年12月13日 (金)

I don't want to

You are my words, is only my poem language, but I expect to use the life the time to read. Perhaps, life time is too short, don't you will be able to read, that if there is an afterlife, I would like a piece of cloud, let your light breeze caressed me

The origin of you, from now on, the surplus of a paper in the word, in between the lines, spread the poetic language, wait for you to comeTeny Wu.

Song match for you, shallow dream.

The warm afternoon, you are beating the note, flying in the air, into one of the most beautiful melody. Gentle mood, free and easy style, the spring and autumn fade into another beautiful. But at the moment, I only wish to be a flying butterfly, dancing in the dust of the melody, Ayume Ichi chenghair loss treatment.

Your words are your melody, or suppressed, or praise, or anger, or indifferent, is a life. These notes are you string flows into an article, not intentionally, also has not affected, can easily move, indulge in the flowers, incense paper ink you around for a long time, could not bear to leavesmartone.

Always believe that, the text have souls, because the author's heart, soul, hidden in the row, smart word. If the heart, can follow the Qingli touching words, read the full letter faint emotion. You are the soul of text can be injected into people, thousands of customs, social attitudes, vivid under your pen, M Cho. And read your text, is to read the world, read your heart and soul, read your people and the nature. The vast sea of humanity, you encounter is a fortunate thing; and your words, let me indulge in the warm spring breeze, give me a copy of the gentleness of spring and flowers,

There was a song, I don't have a name for it, because of the beautiful melody, is met the instant I you. If you really want to put the song all the melody writing, that will be the collection of life, because of you, is my most beautiful encounter. Because it was too beautiful, too rare, so I'm afraid any Shen small things destroyed, only a feeling in my heart, if you well, is sunny day I. A warm, quiet, only in the heart, not language, also know.

In fact, you are a song, a sad, also have sunshine all over the sky of the moment. I remember you said, the storm of life, always difficult to Everything is going smoothly. through, but in the sunshine after the rain, hope, time is a good sunny day. You also said, life need to leak into the sunshine, so, you can see the color of life, can let you feel warm power. Every word you say, I will silently remember, on time, with you together, watched the scenery, experience, will be my life the most beautiful memories.

I don't know what your past experience, encounter what person, experienced what thing, not to be worth a hair you perhaps in their eyes, but in my heart, you are the best, not only can replace. Never take you to compare with others, because memories can not be copied, can not be the same feeling, you are you, one in my heart, will always be the best brother, I have still is that let you heart, worried about my sister. Time may change a lot of things, but I believe that, if the heart, some things can not change the time.

Lucky to be your sister, protect me, comfort me, let me have a snuggle corner. In fact, you are the wind, more than light, with tenderness, your time is dizzy catch a warm color.

Meet, is fortunate; walk together, is a fate. Met you, my life is sunshine, and this life with you, then I is the most beautiful scenery

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