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2014年2月28日 (金)

Deficiency also has beauty

Through a journey always need to look back, have a look yourself a road collision, get what, lost what. Many get unexpected harvest, to his surprise; many lose is accidentally dropped, to his regret. People, often in surprise, total dedication to regret, regret missed, regret it g-suite cardinal manchester, regret not to try.

This is a normal part of life, no regrets, people do not have, another powerful people also have weaknesses, then scenery people have. Always self consolation, you will lose, because of missed this, only gained a pet, but the reality is that why the heart always struggling to miss this. Without self comfort, beauty can not be filled out of disappointment, because the heart never really down.

From the memory of that moment, tears, grievance, hesitation, envy, sensitive, distressed... A curtain once care, a curtain is not anxious to lose, scenes of the passion of youth, a curtain that is irreplaceable, become a regret nu skin hk. I put these defects accumulate, splicing, but the achievements of a beauty. Some missing let myself, I lost the edgy youth in childish things without meaning; some shortcomings and grow, gradually understand the original mind is quicker than the eye can see something; some shortcomings make their progress, a little lost. Let yourself in life on the road.

The meaning of life is in stop and go up, discard, g-suite watched by others, to see other people, get, lost, wandering in the end to life in. Regret never forget, some shortcoming is tired, the heart of life care; some imperfection is beauty, and intoxicated to lose.

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